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Why AMSOIL & Not a Brand Name Oil?

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil has been proven the best for over a quarter century because it: 

  • Saves you money 

  • Offers the convenience of fewer oil changes 

  • Increases the life of your vehicle 

  • Reduces costly vehicle repairs 

  • Improves vehicle performance 

  • Improves fuel mileage 

If you are interested in any of the above benefits, the information here could be the most important automotive maintenance information you'll ever read.

Saves You Money:
How do AMSOIL products save you money? Well, first, by offering the possibility of greatly extended drains, they save you the hassle and expense of frequent trips to the quick lube. If you drive 25,000 miles per year and change your oil every 3,000 miles, you'd need 8 lube changes per year. At an average cost of $15 per change (assuming you get a fair price), that amounts to $120 for oil and filters every year. 

With AMSOIL synthetic oil and high efficiency oil filters, you'd need ONE oil change over the course of that year, and only TWO filter changes. For the whole year! Imagine how much time and headache that would save you. And what about cost. Well, even if you brought our oil & filter to a reputable oil change shop and they charged you full price (even though you brought your own lube and filter), the total cost for an entire year (for most vehicles) would be about $70. For many vehicles it would be even less. So, just on oil and filters you've saved $50. 

Convenience of Fewer Oil Changes:
In addition, as mentioned above, not only do you save money on fewer oil changes, but you save the time and hassle of it all. If you do your own oil changes, you probably spend at least a half hour to an hour each time you change your oil considering the change itself and all the preparation and clean-up. That amounts to at least 3 hours and probably more like 6 hour saved on oil changes. Not to mention, you don't have to spend a half hour with oil running down your arm every 3,000 miles. 

And, if you have it done at a quick lube shop, you know most times you've got to take a lunch hour and drive over there, wait in line, wait for the oil change itself to be completed, and then drive back to work. Not too convenient is it? Even though you don't have to spend a half hour under your hood, you still waste a good half hour to an hour letting someone else do it. So, you still lose 3 to 6 hours of your life every year just to getting your oil changed. Wouldn't you rather be doing something more productive with your time?

But even if you are "hooked" on someone else doing the oil changes for you - make that time count - most every oil change business will gladly use the oil you provide. Take  AMSOIL synthetic oil with you on your next visit - and those visits become not only less frequent, but worth every second of that precious commodity known as time.

Longer Engine Life With Fewer Repairs:
However, the above benefits mean nothing if extending your oil drains actually does more damage to your engine, so this issue is of prime importance. So, let's discuss that. 

First of all, you'll be getting FAR better protection right out of the bottle. But, how does it hold up over time? Are you still receiving better protection at the end of your 25,000 mile oil drain interval? Consider Floyd Erks, he uses AMSOIL synthetic 0w30 motor oil and AMSOIL Super Duty oil filters on his 1993 Ford Aerostar. He changes his oil once every 35,000 miles. As of January 2002, he now has 731,000 miles on the same engine! No rebuilds and no major maintenance or repair ever performed on this engine. He also has 300,000 miles on the same transmission since switching to AMSOIL ATF. The vehicle still runs wonderfully, and he expects to break the million mile mark within the next 2 to 3 years. 

Now, do you remember that I was talking about how AMSOIL can save you money earlier on this page? How much money do you think Mr. Erks has saved since 1993 on on auto purchases? Even if you assume that with good care an engine would give you 300,000 miles running petroleum oil at 3,000 mile intervals, he still would have gone through two vehicles already and would be well into wearing out a third. AT a minimum of $20,000 for a new minivan, that amounts to a savings of at least $40,000. What could you do with that kind of money? 

Improves Vehicle Performance and Fuel Mileage:
Of course, we haven't even discussed performance yet. With an synthetic oil that protects this well, there is no question that there must be reduced friction within your engine. So, like all good science students we all understand that if there is reduced friction, more engine combustion energy is able to be converted to vehicle motion. As a result, you'll get easier an starting, more powerful engine that gets far better fuel economy than you'd ever expect. You'd be amazed at the difference you could see when switching your vehicle from petroleum oil to a premium synthetic like AMSOIL... simply amazed.