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AMSOIL Trademarked "First in Synthetics"

Here's another interesting tid-bit. Albert J. Amatuzio, President and CEO of AMSOIL, Inc., announced a while back that the phrase "First in Synthetics" is now part of the AMSOIL registered trademark. No other oil manufacturer can claim to be first.

Mr. Amatuzio told an interesting story as to how this came about. AMSOIL applied to have this statement registered and was told that they must prove to the trademark officials, by documentation, that AMSOIL Synthetic Oil was first, historically. However, they also said that by claiming to be first, AMSOIL was insinuating they were the best (or #1/first) from a quality or performance standpoint.

So AMSOIL had to convince them that they had the best product to also claim to be first. AMSOIL proceeded to present comparison documentation and test results backing up the claim that AMSOIL was also the best. YES! THE TRADEMARK OFFICIALS ACCEPTED THE DOCUMENTATION to allow AMSOIL to use "first" in their trademark.

But the process was not through. The procedure now required the government to notify all the other oil manufacturers that would be impacted by this decision, so they would have input before this decision would be official. They were notified in writing and given 90 days to object, comment or respond. The ninety days elapsed without a peep!

AMSOIL not only convinced the trademark office that AMSOIL Synthetic Oil was first historically, but also convinced them that AMSOIL is the first in quality, and no other competitor objected!