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How Do I Know The Test Results Are Valid?

AMSOIL runs hundreds of "in-house" tests to determine how their oils compare to others in the industry. Then they request independent labs to perform the tests again in order to verify the results by a third party.

Nevertheless, that may not mean much to you. You might, however, find it interesting to note that, as I briefly mentioned above, AMSOIL posts the results of the Four Ball Wear Test above on the label of every bottle of Series 2000 20W-50 they produce.

The question is, if the results had been falsified or tampered with in any way, wouldn't someone be taking AMSOIL to court? Wouldn't Mobil 1 be suing the AMSOIL company for everything they're worth? I believe they would. In fact, just last year Mobil took Castrol to court over statements made by the Castrol company regarding the enhanced engine wear properties of Castrol oil.

Interestingly enough, however, not one company is suing AMSOIL over those test results. Doesn't that say something about their validity? What about the fact that the FTC is tearing into oil additive manufacturers left and right regarding their bogus claims of enhanced engine protection, but hasn't said a word about the claims made by the AMSOIL company.